A Critique Of Mind And Thought

A Plea For Purging      

A Critique Of Mind And Thought

Coming at you in a blaze of high end solos A Plea For Purging waste no time in proving their instrumental prowess. Guitarists Blake Martin and Lyle Paschal leave no room for the non descript breakdowns that seem to saturate the current metal-core market. The band has influences such as Iron Maiden and Dragonforce.

  1. Sons Of Vipers, How Will You Escape The Judgment Of Hell
  2. While The Sparrow Sleeps
  3. The Slaying Of The Serpentine Dragon
  4. The Betrayers
  5. Perseverance
  6. Resurrection Of The Beast
  7. A Hymn Of Praise
  8. Death Has Been Swallowed Up In Victory
  9. Everything And Nothing
  10. Turn It Down

Facedown Records A Plea For Purging
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