The Undisputed Truth

Seventh Star      

The Undisputed Truth

Lyrically, The Undisputed Truth will make no compromises. The album's theme is the restoration of creation. Exploring the need for answers and purpose. Bold lyrics with a point. In a scene where bands hop from trend to trend, SEVENTH STAR stand as a band with a message. Their music has purpose. Their purpose gives birth to music. And their purpose restores the creation who yearns for its creator. First pressing includes limited edition bonus DVD.

  1. The Undisputed Truth
  2. Now At Hand
  3. World War Three
  4. Cursed Creation (The Fall Of Man)
  5. Isaiah Six
  6. For All The Saints
  7. Seven
  8. The World's Solution %
  9. I Versus I
  10. Overrun.Overgrown.Overthrown.
  11. Chasing The Wind

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