Sending You Strength


Sending You Strength

MEANS is a unique band making music that comes from somewhere special. This four-piece band plays songs that are birthed from a life experienced together. This band is intentional in playing music that will encourage others and serve as a source of strength - not only for the members but also for anyone who finds the music meaningful and something to take to heart. An intense live performance and a lighthearted attitude is what you can expect from these guys.

  1. Looking For Life
  2. Learning To Be Brave
  3. The Promise
  4. Connected
  5. Where Truth Is Told
  6. Cadences
  7. These Are The Words
  8. Throw Open The Gates
  9. Through The Wires
  10. I Choose Her Over Light
  11. Down To The Spark
  12. On The Broken

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