The Serpent Servant

Impending Doom      

The Serpent Servant

Grind core devotees Impending Doom present a compelling offering in the form of their new album The Serpent Servant. A formidable adversary in the death metal ring, the revelation in Servant is the obvious refinement that adds a somber light to the darkness Impending Doom inflict with their follow up to 2007’s Nailed. Dead. Risen. Their ubiquitous brand of instrumental prowess is apparent and the vocals come alive with retribution on this their second Facedown release.

  1. When Waters Run Deep
  2. The Serpent Servant
  3. Anything Goes
  4. Storming The Gates Of Hell
  5. Welcome To Forever
  6. More Than Conquerors
  7. Revival: America
  8. In The House Of Mourning
  9. When I Speak
  10. City Of Refuge
  11. Beginnings

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