V/A Facedown Family

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V/A Facedown Family

  1. Take It Back by Seventh Star
  2. Thick And Thin by Seventh Star
  3. Candice by Sinai Beach
  4. True/False by Sinai Beach
  5. Hang 'Em High by The Deal
  6. Road Less Traveled by The Deal
  7. Zak Spencer by Symphony In Peril
  8. Lament by Symphony In Peril
  9. Die Tonight by Comeback Kid
  10. Playing The Part by Comeback Kid
  11. Last Straw by xDisciplex AD
  12. Last Stand by Hanover Saints
  13. Head Shot by Hanover Saints
  14. Don't Blink (Or We May Miss It) by Nodes Of Ranvier
  15. Faith In The Faux by Nodes Of Ranvier
  16. The Silencing Of Hope by Dodgin' Bullets
  17. Clocks Will Break by Dodgin' Bullets
  18. Through My Weakness by Indwelling
  19. Decay by Indwelling
  20. Individuals by One 21
  21. Communion by One 21
  22. Brightside by FIGURE FOUR

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