To Sentence The Dead

Bloody Sunday      

To Sentence The Dead

The impressive follow up to 2004's "They Attack At Dawn" (Strike First Rec.) was recorded at Big Blue Meenie Studios (Madball, Agnostic Front, Bouncing Souls) and continues musically where the previous record left off. "To Sentence The Dead" is 10 tracks of pure hardcore fury that is a must have for fans of Terror, Comeback Kid, and No Innocent Victim.

  1. There's Nothing Relative About Family
  2. The Best Of Me
  3. Dead Silent
  4. Old Friends And Dead Ends
  5. Total Immersion
  6. False Ideas Of Perfection
  7. I For I
  8. Sugar On Your Lips Murder In Your Heart
  9. Fact Or Fiction
  10. Abject Paradise

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