To Burn Again

No Innocent Victim      

To Burn Again

The highly anticipated return full length from Southern California's No Innocent Victim is 14 tracks of pure hardcore. After 12 years, 4 albums (2 on Victory), countless tours with the likes of POD, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, and US Bombs, NIV are back with their finest record yet. A great production thanks to Trax East is the icing on the cake for this album!

  1. To Burn Again
  2. Set Apart
  3. Life Debt
  4. Your Freedom
  5. Where's Your Heart
  6. To The Death
  7. Cut It Off
  8. Stand
  9. Bring Them Back
  10. Ready To Fight
  11. Open
  12. Paid In Full
  13. Not Guilty
  14. Highly Flammable

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