Dread Champions Of The Last Days

Sleeping Giant      

Dread Champions Of The Last Days

Sleeping Giant are resolute in their goal to reach as many people as possible with their message of repentance; but their music is anything but single-minded. The diversity of sound on their debut "Dread Champions Of The Last Days" is striking, and listeners will find the band's ability to morph seamlessly from one track to the next to be unforgettable. With influences that range as broad as Blood Had Been Shed, Isis, Wu Tang Clan, Ringworm, Led Zeppelin and Explosions In The Sky, "Dread Champions Of The Last Days" is without a doubt one of the most diverse albums to hit the hardcore/metal scene in some time.

  1. The Army Of One
  2. This Calls For Patient Endurance On The Part Of The Saints
  3. Narrow Road
  4. Whoremonger
  5. Behold The Pale Horse
  6. Dynasty
  7. Covenant
  8. Blame It On The Holy Rollers
  9. The Power Of Prayer
  10. Sleeping Giant
  11. No Sleep From My Eyes
  12. King Of Kings
  13. Oh Praise Him

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