HolyName Self Titled Hand Numbered vinyl lp. album art depicts a skull with a barbwire crown and the holy name symbol pressed into the forehead. the vinyl color is Black.
a solo shot of the black hand numbered HolyName vinyl lp to get a better look at the color.
The back right corner of the HolyName hand numbered black vinyl lp to show how and where the LP is numbered

HolyName Black 180 Gram Hand Numbered - 2X Vinyl LP

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HolyName "Black" 180 Gram, Hand Numbered 2xLP . Limited to 100 copies.

Track List:
1. Meet Me Somewhere Quiet
2. Creed (REV Gang) feat. Eric Gregson
3. The Sect (feat. Ryan Clark)
4. Fall On Your Knees (feat. Brook Reeves)
5. Open Skies
6. They See (feat. Michael Felker)
7. Celestial (feat. Joe Musten)
8. Perpetua
9. Mr. Millstone (feat. Brook Reeves)
10. My Way
11. Follower
12. St. Dismas (feat. Danon Saylor)

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